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My Art Studio is located in the historic Spanish Village Art Center within the beautiful Balboa Park in San Diego, California. Since 1999 this location has allowed me to share my work in a local working artist’s colony with significant foot traffic creating the opportunity to simultaneously create, share and sell my art. However, my career as an artist began almost a decade before in 1990, when I had the good fortune to be invited to a Christmas Art show to sell Eggshell Art. It was this event where I met so many wonderful and encouraging people that led to a decision to start Designs In Shell, leading to my current studio where the public may observe me working and browse the many egg shell collections I have displayed including the ability to purchase original artwork for their collections.

The ability to both work creatively and retail in the same space has been one of the keys to the success of my business, and a driver of my personal satisfaction. As an artist, one of my goals was to be able to teach classes including the design and workings of a kaleidoscope to others. This remains one of the things I enjoy most sharing my knowledge and sparking the imagination of others.

I am proud of the success I have had in the retail and wholesale world. I have been able to turn a hobby into a craft producing creative works of art leading to a full-time business. My eggs have been shipped all over the world with some of the most notable recipients being the Dalai Lama, the Crown Prince of Japan, the Consulate General of Portugal and the Spanish Ambassador. In 2002 the spring collection at Harrods of London featured my work. However, I consider my greatest achievement the sharing of my knowledge and passion with my customers and students, creating a sparkle in their eyes and smiles on their faces…. Frank Casciani


Did you know the Kaleidoscope was invented by Sir David Brewster; a Scottish scientist, in 1816.  The name “Kaleidoscope’ comes from the greek words, kalos or beautiful, eidos or form, and scopos or watcher.  So all together the word “Kaleidoscope” means “The beautiful form watcher”. 

As the Eggman , I am known for creating Kaleidoscopes out of a variety of eggshells. Using front service mirrors arranged in specific angles, I produce a variety of mandalas based on the colors of the materials used in the object chamber.

The Process

Steps for Creating Beautiful Decorative Eggs

Step: Prep

When received, the eggshells are inspected for damage and irregularities, then they are cleaned and sanitized in a special solution, and then left to dry for 72 - 96 hours.

Step: Apply Designs

The eggs are then painted, either dipped or sprayed with the 1st of many layers of paint and left to cure for 24-48 hrs after each layer applied.

Step: Pattern

A pattern is applied and fitted to the egg.

Step: Paint

Pin striping is placed between the edges of each color and clear coated a minimum of 4 times.

Step: Paint & Finish

The final two coats are epoxy that will take 3 days between each coat to cure.

Step: Adorn

Last step is the finishing of the eggs, while some are adorned with gold and silver plated metal parts and Swarovski Crystals, others then turned into Kaleidoscopes.

* No animals were harmed in the creation of my work.



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Creating Kaleidoscopes

Ornamental Egg Decorating

Cutting & Carving Techniques

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Classes are offered throughout the year to all children from ages 6 to 95.

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